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Steem Cell

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Hair Reproduction with Stem Cells

Stem cells that have unique functions play an important role in human health as providers of new cells. They keep our bodies healthy by providing functions in repairing damaged tissues and replacing dead cells by producing new ones. Stem cell hair reproduction is preferred as a treatment method that accelerates the growth of hair and provides much faster healing with minimum pain.

Steem Cell Hair Transplant

It is a technique that prevents hair loss with its advanced healing process and rejuvenation potential. It is used for protection against hair loss as well as acceleration of growth by reviving dead or damaged hair follicles. Hair growth is accelerated by increasing to 600,000 thrombocyte levels with 4-5 hair follicles from 100,000 thrombocyte donor areas. With stem cell hair transplant, you can benefit from the professional treatment services of our expert staff in order to have healthy and dense hair.