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Our Rhinoplasty Applications

Rhinoplasty operations supported with the most advanced technology provides final and permanent solutions. You can contact us via phone or WhatsApp for preliminary examination. Our male and female doctors, who are experts in their field, fulfill patient requests at maximum in only one session.

Technology-Aided Rhinoplasty Operations

In these plastic surgery operations called rhinoplasty, we carry patient satisfaction to its peak. We perform the arrangements in your nose area with the most affordable prices. After the procedure, your nose will have a smaller and more aesthetic appearance. Our company guarantees this result and supports its experience of years with technology-aided devices.

Once the nose structure and problems are examined, one of the methods – open or closed – is successfully applied. Each session takes approximately 1 hour to 1.5 hours. After resting, you can return to your home and return to your routine after a recovery process of only one week.

After Rhinoplasty

After the surgery is completed, you can call our company and benefit from free consultancy services. We are follow-up the healing process with creams and ointments prescribed by our physicians. The high-tech devices we use do not cause any side effects.



1. Who is the right candidate for Rhinoplasty?  

It is suitable for people have some breathing problems when the nose is asymmetrical or in the cases of congenital defects to correct the structure; also, it is a procedure for cosmetic reasons like the bridge correction, the length or to make the nose smaller, flared or pinched nostrils.

2. What is the difference between the closed rhinoplasty and the open one?

In the open nose operation; the doctor makes an incision at the columella, the strut of tissue between the nostrils, and elevates the skin off the cartilages. This procedure used in the changes of the shape of the nose and the structure. The anesthesia here can be general in some cases.

In the closed rhinoplasty; the doctor make incision inside the nose; all the procedure is done through the nostrils that’s why no scars left. This operation used normally in the simple changes.

3. When the patient can return to work/school after Rhinoplasty?

The patient should discuss when to return to work with the surgeon. But he or she should limit heavy lifting and exposure to dusty/smoky environments.

4. What is the best age for Rhinoplasty?

Usually the age of 18 is the best age to get a nose job. But we must clarify that the nasal surgery can be done at any age if you are in good health.

5. Does the patient need to stay at the hospital?

The patient can safely leave the hospital after the surgery.

6. Are there any risks or any kind of complications?

All surgeries have risks. Fortunately, the risks for rhinoplasty are small and complications are quite rare.