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The Newest Options in Dental Operations

Many different smile aesthetic operations, especially dental operations (Hollywood smile) are applied by both male and female experts. Physician choices are completely left to the patient’s preferences. All elements required in aesthetics and health field is fulfilled in one session. White and shining teeth also look extremely durable and natural.

Another Option: American Implant

It is possible to have an American implant in just one week. It is performed with implant products imported from America. Dysfunctional tissues in mouth area are regenerated by using many natural chemicals, especially platinum. Patients who are not able to use dentures especially due to health reasons can benefit from the privileges offered by these procedures.

Last Option: German Implant

German implant can be assessed as the last option with medical materials imported from Germany and Austria. After successful implementation of the German high technology in medical field, the interest towards this type of implant is increasing. Its prices are suitable for every budget. It can be successfully implemented on both children and adults based on needs and demands.



The individuals should pay more attention to their teeth and their external appearance, that is a very important factor. Showing a clean, white smile is too important and positive effect in order to make a good first impression hence we all are involved in too many dialogues in our daily lives; otherwise, it can affect the person’s social life, friendships, and relationship negatively at any level. Additionally, you look at the mirror and smile, you will see, it is clean and white teeth you have; it would definitely increase your self-confidence.


1. When should I consider Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Almost everyone can apply for this application.

2. Can the procedure of cosmetic dentistry fix the damage of teeth missing? 

The specialist can replace the root of a missing tooth by a dental implant. A porcelain crown that looks just like a natural tooth can then be connected to the implant.

3. Where will the application be in progress?

Our applications are for each individual and done in suitably qualified in full-fledged hospitals.

4. Is it needed to stay at the hospital?

This treatment does not require hospitalization. The patient can go back to his home after the procedure.

5. How long does it last?

It could be done in 2 to 3 hours maximum and that depends to the procedure.

6. How is the patient evaluated by doctors?

Your dentist will check-up and diagnose the mouth as fully and will determine whether it is appropriate for this process.