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Hair Transplant with DHI Technique

DHI hair transplant method which is a hair transplant method which does not include stitches, marks or incisions ensures much more dense hair transplant compared to other techniques. Since it minimizes the external duration of grafts extracted from donor area, the patient gets to have healthier and stronger hair.

Hair Transplant with DHI Technique

FUE technique, which is the standard hair transplant technique, passes grafts through a special recovery process by the physician where grafts are kept inside the canals or cuts opened before the operation. Grafts are individually placed by natural canals in the natural angle of the hair with a very fine needle. Since the follicles which are placed with less gaps and required density do not stay outside, the result is excellent.

After Hair Transplant with DHI

It is a method where 40-60 grafts are applied per cm2, and its density is twice higher than FUE technique. After DHI hair transplant, which is applied under local anesthesia, recovery period is faster since there are no incisions.

DHI hair transplant technique, which is also known as pen technique can give you the hair of your dream, and you can undergo painless transplant by our experienced staff with the most affordable prices.